The mission of the Sculptors Guild is to promote, encourage, and serve as an advocate for sculpture and to make contemporary sculpture a relevant part of the cultural experience.


The Sculptors Guild was founded in 1937. The founders were at the forefront of American Modernism rejecting the staid conventions of traditional figurative art. Their primary objective, as stated in an early exhibition catalogue was: "to unite sculptors of all progressive aesthetic tendencies into a vital organization in order to further the artistic integrity of sculpture and give it its rightful place in the cultural life of this country."

Sculptors Guild actively continues its mission today as a not-for-profit organization based in New York City with a professional membership of acclaimed sculptors of diverse aesthetics. The primary goal of the organization remains the promotion of sculpture and sculptors through exhibitions and educational outreach programs.

Membership within Sculptors Guild has always been based on the selection of sculptors with proven qualities of aesthetic excellence and professional standing. The Sculptors Guild has a proud heritage of meritocracy without gender bias and with the advent of the new millennium has enjoyed an interest in emerging sculptors of divergent aesthetics.



President: Thea Lanzisero

VP: Steve Keltner & Vera Manzi-Schacht

Co-secretaries: Mark Attebery & Sarah Haviland

Treasurer: Eric David Laxman

VP PR: Michael Wolf

VP Publications: Jessica Ramirez

VP Admissions: Alberto Bursztyn

Education Chair: Elizabeth Knowles

Development Chair: Marilyn Davidson


Caroline Bergonzi
Janet Goldner
Ginger Andro/Chuck Glicksman