Alberto Marcos Bursztyn is a Brooklyn-based artist whose installations and sculptures explore aesthetic possibilities and psychological meanings of obsolete and discarded objects. Alberto’s art is informed by the events that shaped his family’s multi-generational migrations across continents.  Alberto’s own geographic trajectory traces an arc from the Argentine Andes to Far Rockaway, to kibbutz, Brighton Beach and Park Slope. His multi-media works invite reflection by highlighting the continuities of memory as well as the incongruities and possibilities of the present. 

Alberto has no formal art degrees though he holds a Ph.D. (Psychology) from Columbia University and has studied or apprenticed with prominent sculptors including Patricia Cronin, Juana Valdez, Stephen Keltner, and Jennifer McCoy. His work, produced in his studios in Brooklyn and Sullivan County, has been shown widely; it is represented in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn College Library, the B.U. Kashkin Museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and in private collections.