My sculpture is an attempt to apply a natural effect on a man-made system, creating analogies or metaphors which already exist in nature and isolating them as an art form. I am attempting to stimulate a conscious counterpoint between the viewer’s anticipations and perceptions.

The sculptural effect is achieved by employing a series of linear permutations which distort a predetermined pattern of horizontal planes. the planes. when combined, form a square and create a solid shape and geometric abstraction. An invisible line passing under the planes raises the affected planes into the third dimension. This raising and resting of affected planes, as the line angle changes, produces a provocative series of variations.

A new work is created by destroying an old one. At the same time, unexpected relationships are created, limited only by the physical properties of the material and the quarterly clockwise rotation of the line. 

Each time the line is moved a new natural geometric variation results. I used a mathematical system as a convenient means of conceptual organization, to make my work more accessible to both the conscious and unconscious mind. My works do not function solely on a conceptual basis, although the value of the work is placed in tis concept. Without the physical record of the work, the concept could be viewed only as a construction of intellect.