Crashing the Party Exhibition Presented by The Sculptors Guild and LIC-A

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Crashing the Party, curated by Barbara O’Brien, presents a wide range of interpretations of and responses to the idea and ideals of gender equity, from breaking the “glass ceiling” to political, social, physical, and conceptual ideas. This exhibition features work from sculptors who are questioning and expanding their use of materials, forms, concepts and experiences. The Sculptors Guild in partnership with LIC-A is interested in supporting a creative platform to expand and broaden opportunities for all sculptors. “What’s now?” and “What’s next?”

Exhibition on View: July 25 – August 25 2019 at The Plaxall Gallery (Map)

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 27, 6-9:00pm | Closing Reception: Sunday, August 25, 2-5:00pm with Artist Discussion at 2:00pm