Finding beauty in the imperfect or impermanent, acknowledging moments of change and engaging with the process of transformation (often) form the basis of my work. My process is guided by the mix of planning and chance that the materials I use offer to the imagery.
My art often references nature, (including human nature,) whether evoking the skeletons or remains of what was or the discovery of new life (growth) stealing its way amidst the ashes. It reflects memories, traces, and fantasies that combine metaphors for what has been and will be.

I may start with pulp to produce large handmade paper sculptures,or raw fibers which I cook and peel, then reassemble,or layers of silk and wax and papers which I transform through the use of heat. Regardless of the end product, my process involves a breaking down and reassembling or revisioning of both the materials and my own visual memories.