Magherita Serra born in Brescia with a Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts and a degree from Milan Polytechnic; in the seventies she devoted herself to sculpture. Margherita Serra has proved over the years her skilled ability to work in a variety of materials: marble,wood,glass etc. In 2000, the National Museum in Palazzo Venezia (Rome) has opened its interiors to her sculptures "The Corsets" that illustrate the essence of being a woman but not the woman herself. Her marble corsets are abstract forms, they are solitary sculptures, crisp and clear as they emerge from the author's imagination with the strength of a dream.
Margherita Serra sculptures stand tall on pedestals, they show the ability to dialogue gracefully with the contexts of the spaces where they are on show.
ANOTHER THING THAT IS UNIQUE IN THESE CORSETS, ACCORDING TO LEADING ITALIAN ART CRITICS, IS THE MEDIATED, ALLUSIVE CELEBRATION OF THE FEMALE BODY- which is made all the more effective by being based on what is not said, on what is not revealed- which is ultimately so sensual and enticing because it is not actually shown at all, but just presumed.