My training in working from life will never leave me; it will always govern my sense of proportion and structure, line, space and volume.


A new voice spoke to me over 20 years ago with my move from New York to Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  It was the land and its lush vegetation. It spoke a language I had never known, but spoke a secret language to my heart.  The contemplation of the expressive figure gave way to the perception and experience of life in a glorious landscape with its gift of its substance, materials for my hands to use.  It said this is home.  


Plunge into the silence of the woods and you are filled with enchantment, the canopy a cathedral.  The woods are a sanctuary, a shelter.  Its branches are arms, embracing us; its crown of leaves enveloping like hands.      


Here we bear witness to the natural cycle of renewal and rest.  Leaves will give way to thorns, and thorns will give birth to leaves.  We see in nature that being is round, a nest, a seed, an energy concentrated around a center, an image of the microcosms and the macrocosms, the world and individual man, in itself a complete world, providing a place where we can rest and dream.   


Sculpture brings the primacy of touch into our world of computer and television