I am a sculptor and installation artist who has lived and worked in both Brooklyn, NY, and Bucks County, PA. My work consists of sculptures and site-specific installations that utilize neon and argon lighting in order to effectively transform interior space. I use this kind of lighting because of its intense illumination and reflectivity on metals, acrylic and glass. 

This use of light is inspired by the flow and opposition of energy in our environment and in the the cosmos. I am particularly interested in light beyond the visible light spectrum, such as ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. These invisible wavelengths radiate all around us in the form of heat and UV rays in the sky. The energized gases in neon and argon lighting are ideal to depict the movement of energy in our environment such as water and natural gas. I am also fascinated by the energy emitted from the cosmic events in our Solar System and how solar flares and high tides during a full moon affect our lives.