Loss, pain, fragility and danger are major inspirations for my sculptural and site-dependent work. My work is ambitious and poetic, insistently facing and revealing the deep internal and external forces that are the residue of life’s experiences. I invite the viewer to embrace complexity, open-endedness, and beauty.

 I create sculpture and site-dependent installations that incorporate everyday materials such as, insulation foam, hot glue stick, screening, air conditioner filters and safety pins. I isolate these materials to refocus the viewers' attention toward exploring and examining their own thoughts and feelings. I have focused my work with these quotidian materials for the past ten years.

 The solitude of the studio is the site of play, experimentation, failures and successes. The metaphor of approach and retreat that ultimately engages the viewer is first reflected in the studio process, which is rigorous, personally inspiring and physically demanding. I am particularly drawn to texture and the manipulation of surfaces. Many of the works, both installations and discrete pieces, are extremely intricate and may take up to several years to complete.

The work continues to mine my personal experiences but is also reflective of universal longings.  It is based on awareness that tactile materials, especially those with a previous life, can provide a visceral and poetic response.