Solo exhibitions include, Sculptors Guild, The Trenton City Museum, The Washington Co. Mus. of Fine Art, Broadway Windows, LaGuardia C. College, Edison College, Elgin College, R.I.S.D, Washington Square Windows, and The Kentuck Museum.


Noted curator Ruth Newman stated, “The daughter of a Sicilian stone carver, Gennaro’s father has been a potent creative influence in her life. As a second generation carver, Gennaro bears witness to a unique cultural history that she has reshaped and made her own.” “The sculptures I create arise from my dreams or day-dreams. These images are I believe harvested from the subconscious. It is a method of realization that surprises and delights me while generously nurturing my work.” Transformed animals, symbols, memento mori, mythology and familial memories inform the essence of Gennaro’s sculptures.


2012 Exhibitions, “Sculpture of The 21st Century” The Housatonic Museum, Ct. / What Cannot Be Cured Must Be Endured, Rutgers Un. / The Fountain Art Fair, NY / Amulets, Nazars & Evil Eyes:Artists Looking Forward, Queens College.


Awards, The “1st international openartresidency” Erétria, Greece /  Fellowship, The National Academy Museum's Mural Art Program /  Bronze Casting Award,  Polich Art Works / La Féte Internationale de La Sculpture de Saint-Jean-Port-Joly, Quebec, Ca. Symposium / Eight awards for carving and sculpture, N.A.W.A.