I have focused my creative energies delving into the questions of our human existence, our ways of experiencing our world and our place in it. The way we take in information about our surroundings, about our selves: how we perceive all this through the our limited senses and our interactions are all inspiration for my creative output. These ideas are fluid and change with age, new scientific discoveries and theories and our own limited understanding of what it means to inhabit our bodies and interact with others. From string theory to biocentrism, from how our senses view the world around us to what we can not know through our biology alone, from our emotional lives to our rational ones: the mystery of our existence and meaning remain unsolved.


Gay Malin's work is exhibited on an on-going basis at the following fine art galleries:

Hutson Gallery of Provincetown, MA

Sidetracks Gallery in New Hope, PA

Martinez Gallery in Troy, NY