Susan Beallor-Synder is a multidiscipline artist, venturing in various avenues of 3-dimensional form. In particular, Beallor-Snyder works with sustainable natural manila rope material, using intuitive and enduring free-weaving techniques.

The work is a combination of knots, clusters and lines that vector the viewer’s eye throughout the sculpture, between turbulent islands and calmer spaces within. The pieces, said to be reminiscent of the female reproductive system overwhelm the human-scale.

The art-making process is physically demanding on the artist and Beallor-Synder has stated that the physical pain in creating the work can be equal to the emotional pain she expresses. Behind the spontaneous decison-making process stems a personal narrative, reflecting emotional responses to being tangled between raising a family and the desire to make work on top of traditional domestic responsibilities; weight not uncommon to women. Often, the road does not come linearly to women, who are subject to put the needs of others before their own.