Born in Montmartre in 1980, Aima St. Hunon, a gifted young Parisian artist, showed exceptional talent as sculptor, painter, poet and performer working in many mediums. She has exhibited her sculptures and paintings in Paris, China (Shanghai, Beijing…), Taiwan (Taipei, Tainan), New Zealand (Nelson), and now in New York City. 

After studies of applied art in material sculpture of synthesis, Aima becomes involved in the pursuit of forms and curves revealing a sensuality similar to her own inner being. The process reveals and amplifies her works with time, found deep within herself, mixing maturity and sensuality. In this new momentum, the artist confirms the control of her potential through works varying from 30 cm to 2m.

Very touched by the expression of femininity, this artist leads us into a universe where women become goddesses, where erotism flirts with purity. Her aesthetic eye follows the curves in nature, and her vision captures the curves of the female figure in unique and captivating ways. It is beauty and passion that fills its space softly and lovingly without overwhelming it.

Her sculptures capture animal sensuality, emotion, arousal, and her own life force, embodying her own drive for perfection in the ancient and eternal medium of bronze. The metal is soft and sensual in its own right, cast, sculpted, polished, and finished to her exacting standards. The result is a nude that draws gasps of pleasure, a modern artifact that mirrors ancient passion in a new way, freshened by the insights of youth reinventing the medium for our own times.

Aima’s sculpture sweeps space, time, beauty, and passion together in the swirl of a heated instant. Run your fingers over the polished surfaces, and feel the soft, burnished metal purr like a kitten.  Her sculptures no longer have real forms, more an abstract-realistic search of emotional force.