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Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney creates art by resurrecting and transforming wooden debris she finds in her natural surroundings. After Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast coastline of New Jersey and the surrounding area, Petrovich-Cheney began collecting the remains left behind in its wake—floorboards, window frames, cabinets, furniture, exterior siding—anything that she could find that evoked life before the storm. Petrovich-Cheney’s art is inspired by traditional American patchwork quilt designs—designs that are familiar and comforting. She transforms the salvaged wood into quilt-like pieces of art, creating new relationships between color, proportion, texture, and surfaces.

The work in this exhibit evokes the past through its use of colors that mark a particular decade—e.g., ‘80s pastels, ‘70s avocado kitchen green. The faded colors and scraped surfaces of the wood are a nostalgic glimpse into the past. The visual history of the salvaged wood – the chipped layers of paint, the nail holes, the grain- tells a story.

Laura Petrovich-Cheney received her MFA in Studio Arts from Moore College of Art and Design, her MS in Fashion Design from Drexel University and her BA in Fine Arts and English Literature from Dickinson College. Her work has been exhibited nationwide and is included in several private and public collections. She has received awards from the National Academy of Art, Monmouth Museum, and the New Jersey Art Center and was awarded a Geraldine Dodge Grant. She has just recently returned from a month long residency to the Arctic Circle.


Relative Confusion, 2013, Salvaged Wood

39" Square

"Squared Off" 2013 Salvaged Wood
34" Square

"Washed Up" 2013 Salvaged Wood

43.5" Square

"Spot On" 2014, Salvaged and new wood

36" square

"Surge" 2014, Salvaged wood. 36" square

"Barn Raising" 2012 Salvaged Wood

30" square

"Unlocked" 2013 Salvaged Wood

 34" x 35" x 1

"Move Closer In" 2013, Salvaged Wood

39" square