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Lannie Hart
I call my work "iconic imagery", allegorical narratives which originate from my rural beginnings in the South where I learned from the women in my family to tell "stories" with my art. The pieces I form are the interpretive study of references which have a strong feminine point of view.

My palette of mixed media examines the female metaphorical image of the Madonna, angel, warrior, etc. In all my work I continue to explore the depiction of women and how they are perceived by society as portrayed in myth and legend.

Lannie Hart was raised in Lawerenceville Virginia and is a graduate of Virginia Commonweath University. She has shown her work at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond. VA, Katonah Museum, Katonah, NY. The Wayne Art and History Foundation, Brooklyn, NY, Limner Gallery, Hudson NY. Hampton Roads Gallery, Southhampton, NY and many others.

She lives and works in Sleepy Hollow, NY.